We love Kairouan, who are we?

“We Love Kairouan” (WLK) is a non-governmental association, founded in 2012 and obtained its official status in July 2012.

WLK seeks to improve the quality of life of citizens in the city of Kairouan rather than that, it focuses on culture, environment, citizenship and youth participation.

It aims to promote them at the local level to preserve Kairouan’s city and enhance it.

Since 2012, WLK has developed several initiatives, projects, actions and public events, of a cultural and environmental nature related to citizen participation with different local, national and international partners such as ONGs, authorities, private or public institutions, etc.

” We Kairouan ” launched the following projects:

The Kairouan Prize for Environmental Journalism, KEJA with the support of Institute of International Cultural Relations, (ifa).

Local Youth Forum About alternative energy policy in Kairouan, Ta9a + in partnership with the Heinrisch Boell Foundation.

The Young Leaders Council funded by Search For Common Ground, which was closed by the Kairouan Youth Forum in March 2016.

political participation of youth in Kairouan We Participate with the support of Swiss cooperation in 2017.

Sustainable development in ancient Medina of kairouan with the support of collective leadership institute 2017-2018(in progress).

Sharing culture … Building bridges: a cultural exchange project between Kairouan and Vienna (language courses, photographic exhibition, cinematographic projection, debates and dialogue,).

Besides “We Kairouan” is a member of the national and international association networks: